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Aptos, CA


      Henry P. David

       May 28, 1923-December 31, 2009


    Henry was a preeminent international figure in the fields of

   family planning, reproductive choice, and women’s rights.

    He is deeply missed by the many friends and colleagues

          from throughout the world whom he both mentored and inspired.

  The following is excerpted from the presentation address

  by Warren M. Hern, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.

  given at the ceremony honoring Henry David with the

  2008 Christopher Tietze Humanitarian Award

        “Henry David is one of the distinguished early leaders in the field of reproductive health and freedom. As a clinical psychologist, Henry became acquainted with Christopher Tietze in Geneva, Switzerland while working as Associate Director for the World Federation for Mental Health from 1963-1965.  At that time, Henry and Christopher Tietze developed a plan for studying the mental health effects of abortion in Central and Eastern Europe where abortion was legal.  Henry later developed and directed the Prague Study of children born in 1961-63 to women twice denied abortion for the same pregnancy and pair-matched controls.  This has become one of the most important single studies in the world literature of the mental health consequences of abortion and abortion denied. Henry’s work is classic and historic. 

        For over 30 years, Henry David focused increasingly on studies of reproductive behavior and public policies, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe. He has written or edited 17 books and authored or co-authored over 300 papers.  His work has been honored by numerous awards including the 1991 Medal of Charles University (Prague), the 1993 American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology, the 2001 Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Psychology in the Public Interest, the 2001 Carl Shultz Award of the American Public Health Association, and the 2001 Gold Shield of the Population and Community Development Association of Thailand. 

        In 1972, Henry founded the Transnational Family Research Institute (TFRI) in Bethesda, Maryland, a nongovernmental and nonprofit research organization in the behavioral sciences with a focus on reproductive behavior. He is also co-founder and past Secretary-Treasurer of Population and Development International and, with Warren Miller, co-founder of the Psychosocial Workshop of the Population Association of America.”

Most recently, Henry was a TFRI Board Member Emeritus.



Selected Major Publications

Abortion Research Notes.  H. P. David, Editor. Transnational Family Research Institute, 1972 – 1990.   

Born Unwanted: Developmental Effects of Denied Abortion.  H.P. David, Z. Dytrych, Z. Matejcek, & V. Schuller. Springer Publishing, 1988.

From Abortion to Contraception: A Resource to Public Policies and Reproductive Behavior in Central and Eastern Europe from 1917 to the Present.  H. P. David. Greenwood Press, 1999.

Abortion and its Health Effects.  H. P. David & E. Lee.  In J. Worrell (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Women and Gender, Volume 1, pp. 1-14.  Academic Press, 2001.

Born Unwanted: 35 Years Later.  Observations from the Prague study.  H. P. David, Reproductive Health Matters, 14(27),181-190, 2006.

Growing Up Jewish in Nazi Germany and Later: Personal Reflections. Henry P. David.

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