Transnational family Research institute

Aptos, CA


A b o u t   T F R I

        TFRI was founded by psychologist Henry David in 1972, at a time when rapid and profound social changes in reproductive laws and practices were taking place in America. Since that time, TFRI has successfully completed grant and contract supported research within the broad area of family planning and reproductive decision-making. Social and behavioral scientists have come to recognize Dr. David for his international leadership and TFRI for its excellence in the study of topics such as unwanted pregnancy, abortion, and fertility decision-making.

        Psychiatrist Warren Miller joined the Transnational Family Research Institute in 1983 as the full-time Director of the California branch of TFRI, bringing with him long standing interests in adolescent sexuality, contraceptive use and unintended pregnancy. At TFRI, Dr. Miller conducted studies on sterilization decision-making in couples, then turned to a longitudinal study of birth planning in married couples, and followed that with several longitudinal studies of contraceptive practices in unmarried couples. A common thread in this research has been the measuring and study of childbearing motivation. More recently, this interest led Dr. Miller into theoretical studies of the bio-psychosocial aspects of human social bonding and its relationship to reproductive behavior. Dr. Miller continues this research today in his Aptos office.






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